The fifth year

Life is so fast. It just goes by. Get to school. Get to work. Get through traffic. Make dinner. Clean dinner. Go to games, movies, concerts, meetings. Get showers. Read. Get some sleep.

But it’s slower for 5-year-olds. They live in a small universe that seems enormous to them. Living with a 5-year-old, here’s what I’ve noticed.

When you’re 5…

  • You mistake Thanksgiving for Valentine’s Day. Look, it happens.
  • You measure your maturity against that of your peers by how well you can make a Lunchables pizza.
  • You skateboard, barefoot, in a little black dress.

    Skateboarding in an LBD. Totally reasonable.
  • You only know tomorrow as “after this day.”
  • You get dressed for birthday parties hours in advance. And, then wait.
  • You laugh, hard, at your older brother.
  • You wear the same hairstyle for 25 days straight. At least.
  • You close your eyes when you make a wish. And, always wish for a unicorn. And, you believe it will come true.
  • You lick your finger, even when turning the pages of a board book.
  • You bounce when you’re excited.
  • You talk to the dog like a friend.
  • You always want to be the sprayer. Not the wiper.
  • You write your name on your toys. In Sharpie.

When you’re 5, life is good. Isn’t it?

2015-11-17 14.03.36
Like Andy, in Toy Story.