Pursuing Kairos: An Origin Story


Sometimes a word tastes right in your mouth. It is just flavored so perfectly. You can actually feel it. And it tastes that way because it explains what’s going on in your head, which has been busy trying to synthesize what is brewing in your soul.

It’s a tall order to find that word. One that brings everything together. Because, it’s only one word. And so many times we struggle to find the right words, beyond those vacant-minded moments when we’re desperately searching for the word “tomato,” and all our overloaded brains can think of is this red vegetable. Or fruit?  What is it?  And what is it called? And we go down this frustrating, unwelcome rabbit hole.

That’s not what I’m talking about, although I know that feeling all too well. I’m talking about a deliberate dive into a cocktail of language and emotion that, with luck and honesty, will uncover the root of our purpose.

<assigned space to exhale here>

It’s deep. And, we did that. We went down that rabbit hole intentionally, with just us, the moon, some wine, a notebook and a brief recess before boarding a plane.

idea page

And, that exploration, which bled across two days, was fruitful in the most fantastic way. It brought us to this word, this one word that explains everything in just six letters. It sums up why we’re doing what we’re doing. Why we are saying “yes” to everything that sounds exciting or risky or fun or scary or dirty or interesting.

Because life is filled with moments. And those moments are fleeting and, if you’re lucky enough to recognize it, exclusive. They come and go so quickly, even when they linger. It’s filled with opportunity, if you’re willing to recognize it and grab hold of it – or let go of it, whatever fits the situation. And we are acutely aware that those precise moments pass. We might not get them again. We might, but we might not. And if they come around again, they won’t be the same.

Because, we won’t be the same. The time will be different. The place will have changed. Circumstances will be different. Everything will be different than it is in that exact moment, in that exact spot, with us being exactly who we are at that time.

That’s why we’re smitten with the word “Kairos.” And why this blog, www.pursuingkairos.com, will chronicle our pursuit of Kairos, which is defined so dang eloquently as:

The perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words or movement.

Oh, and it’s a noun. It’s a thing. It’s this intangible, holy grail-like thing that comes with a sense of urgency. And, it absolutely hits the nail on the head with our intention.

We want to find that tipping point, that moment of indecision where we choose to go ahead. To try it. To jump. Or climb. Or just do. Because Kairos is buried in those moments, those tipping points.

tipping point

And the payoff is ridiculous. When you decide to let curiosity call the shots, you get the opportunity to breathe new air. Not fresh, new. It goes beyond opening a window, because emotion is tied to it.

That connection to a moment is certainly somewhat primal.  It’s becoming harder to come by, thanks to life’s incessant injections of technology and unnecessary distractions. And, to us, Kairos somehow seems like some kind of weightless anchor that has the ability to bring you back to center, to remind you of your position in the universe, to inspire you to inhale every possibility.

To really taste life. Because there isn’t a word that accurately describes how good life tastes. Except for Kairos.

So, we’ll keep Pursuing Kairos. Because, we can’t not. It tastes too good. Come with us.