Best Little Desk In The West

The need to write can strike anywhere. That’s why I keep a notebook in my purse. Pens in my car. And on my phone, I use a notepad app that holds all my crazy ideas in one spot.

This spot, though. This spot is special. Yes, it’s a tree stump. But it’s by the most magical water, in the most magical place I’ve ever been. It’s at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I hiked 10 miles to get there, with a pack that weighed about as much as another human not much smaller than me. I looked ridiculous, but my smile cancelled it out.

I figured some things out on this stump, while listening to that water trickle past. I figured some things out hiking to get to this stump. I figured some things out jumping off a cliff, after walking away from this stump, splashing into water that was as blue as that creek that kept me company.

That’s why it’s magical. We had a moment together. And it’s stamped forever with me.