The 41 Adventure: Booby Traps and Lava Tubes

I saw him kind of swing his arms around, wipe his face and feel all over his body and I knew. But I had no idea how severe it was.

Spider webs. They were EVERYwhere. Like Indiana Jones everywhere. We were the first people awake at our campsite in Hana, on our final morning there, and we wanted to be the first to make footprints on that black sand beach.

So we trotted down, with coffee and cameras, and watched as the ocean woke up, calm at first and stirring to a solid roar in no time. I dug my feet into the coffee-ground feeling sand, made designs in it with my fingers, and felt the smoothness of the rocks that had once been so jagged.

ocean wakes up
Morning, ocean.

And then we took a trail that would lead us up above the beach, to a perch atop lava rock that gave us views of the sanctuary we had just left.

black sand lookout
Campsite and black sand beach behind our lava perch.

Insert spider webs. I mean, it was like they were having a web-building contest. Or a convention. Or something. It’s weird to look at something and marvel at its coolness while still shooing away the goosebumps you’re getting from it.

spider web
All the goosebumps.

But that’s what happened with these webs. Dozens upon dozens of webs, built across the wide, damp leaves to the side of the trail, but many with a single zipline that attached to the other side of the trail. They were like booby traps, a phrase that always makes me think of Data in The Goonies.

And, when we decided to seek shelter from the rain (again) inside a lava tube back down on the beach, we were reminded of The Goonies again. The dripping. The lookout. Just the whole thing, except no dead pirates in this one.

lava tube
It’s not a booby trap!

We were down on that beach for a couple hours. Long enough to endure two downpours. Long enough to see the foam from the waves take on a rich, milky color as it passed over the beach’s black sand. Long enough to hang out with the beefiest snail I’ve ever seen. Long enough to watch waves crash so hard on the far side of a cliff we could see the spray from the other side. Long enough to capture the colors and the sounds of this magically, remote area of the island.

Long enough to catch a perfect rainbow, which appeared as we exited the lava tube.

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It’s hard to convey how time feels. Other than “perfect.”  It felt perfect. And the day had just begun.

Mahalo, Hana.

overhead sand beach.jpg

And the adventure continues….tomorrow…