Dinosaurs And Dating Apps

I dated only briefly after my divorce. I was lucky, and hiked down a path that crossed with an incredible human – about whom I gush over regularly. And he’s totally my person.

But when I did date, it was weird. It had been a WHILE. Last time I had dated, I was young. Cell phones were still only for actual emergencies. Apps didn’t exist.

I remember meeting up with a college roommate and laughing, hard, as we made fun of our own app-based dating profiles – tiny albums of ourselves that portrayed us as simultaneously smart (possibly wearing glasses), tough (shooting a gun or working out), active (doing something outdoors), and drop-dead gorgeous (obviously, our most flattering photo EVER).

Because, that was the formula.

So I had to laugh when I heard recently, from an expert on a major dating site, what the most important question is that people want matched to their profiles.

“Do you believe in dinosaurs?”

That. That’s the most important question people want to know. Isn’t that hilarious? Maybe it’s just me, the girl with bow-tie clad T-Rex salt-and-pepper shakers, who thinks it’s funny.

Our handsome T-Rex seasoners.

Ron figured it was a solid way to weed people out. And I agreed. It just kind of blows my mind that there are people who don’t believe in dinosaurs. Like, I don’t believe they exist now. But they aren’t mythical. They had their time here on this planet.

Maybe it’s because my exposure to the dating scene was limited, but I never had to go there with someone. And, I’m glad. Because I might not have been able to contain my laughter. I would have had to have executed an immediate escape plan – come down with instantaneous diarrhea or casually mention that I was actually a mermaid and had to leave immediately to moisturize my fins.

Because those options seem way more reasonable than discussing a “belief” in dinosaurs.

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