Damn, Dentist. You’re Good.

Highlights would always be the highlight of my visit to the dentist, otherwise known as the long walk to the torture chamber (at least in my mind, as a kid). My dentist was terrifying.

So that magazine, and the games inside of it, were the only things that held back my anxiety as I waited in his dark office.  He was a one-man shop, with one room to work in if I remember right, and he was the epitome of no frills.

This was his wallpaper. And it says everything.

dental wallpaper
This. Everywhere. Every wall. 

I was so terrified of going to the dentist I even had a nightmare about him while he was working on me. I woke to my anesthetized self swinging at him in my drowsy state from his reclined chair.

I felt bad after that. He was nice, but just…not kid friendly, I guess?  Or tooth friendly, either?  The nightmare involved him telling me, on repeat, as he got closer to me, “Open a little bit. Yeah. That’s good.”

Like a million times in a row. And my little self apparently grew tired of it. So I took a swing at him. With my eyes closed. OMG, the hippie inside me is horrified.

The dentist was traumatizing for me, to say the least. It was the exact opposite of what my kids experience. First, they are never scared to go, which is awesome. Their office is like a carnival, and that’s not an analogy. It’s set up like a carnival.

dentist 2
More relaxed than I ever was, or will be at the dentist.

They get to play Pac-Man and Mario Bros. in the waiting room, and they plug into ceiling mounted monitors once they are reclined to catch a flick while the dentist does the cleaning.  I had to stare at old, crusty sailboats.

As a chick who isn’t too crazy about kids and technology, I do appreciate the comfort it provides during dental visits. It makes it much easier for me to get them there. And, so far, they haven’t had a single nightmare about it.

dentist 3