Analysis: They Should Have Snacks At Congressional Hearings

I don’t have cable. But I do have WiFi, so I decided to stream the Michael Cohen hearing. Just to see. Really, rather just to hear. I didn’t want to read about it. I wanted to just be able to form my own understanding of what went down.

As I thought when Christine Blasey Ford appeared for her hearing, I still believe it takes a lot of cojones to testify. I don’t just think, I know. It can be a nauseating, at-times sweaty, frustrating experience. Especially when you’re dishing ugly details about someone who has exerted control over you and threatened you – and someone who you’ve seen exact revenge against his other enemies.

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And in this case, this guy exposed his entire financial and moral underbelly, leaving himself open for criticism as he had to sit and listen, all the while owning that he lied previously. Straight up.

I came away with a few thoughts. If anyone cares. And they’re not really political. It’s not really my bag. Maybe they lean…a little. But mostly, they’re just social, human observations that I’m sure – even as an independent – I’ll receive criticism for. But, oh well. It was on my brain, and I haven’t written yet today. So.

Holy interruptions, Batman. Manners are basically absent at these things, huh? I know our legislature doesn’t hold a candle to the sometimes raucous nature of the British Parliament, but still. These people were asking this guy questions, which is why he was there in the first place, only to bulldoze him verbally when he tried to answer them. It was weird. And annoying.

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Contradictions are hard to follow. This is how things went over and over and it baffled me a little. It was like those asking the questions got tangled in their own intentions. They’d ask if he had proof of his allegations. If there was some way to corroborate a statement he had made. And then they’d bag him for not having proof. So when he said he had recordings that could corroborate other allegations, which to most people would serve as the proof they had been asking for, they’d patronize and berate him for being a shit attorney who recorded his clients. He had no hope there.

Meadows is a spaz. This might have been the first time I’ve seen this North Carolina senator, because as I said I try to buffer myself a bit from this, but he didn’t make a good impression. I could feel my chest tightening as he was going after this guy. His face was red and he was all over the place with his body. When he trotted up an African American staffer as an apparent myth-buster for claims of presidential racism I about died. What a fool he was. And is. And I’m glad other committee members called him out for it. That was just stupid.

Everyone might have been hangry. I realized, as I was making myself a second meal and the testimony continued, that these folks didn’t eat. They didn’t even snack. Unless I missed a break earlier in the day where they grabbed lunch – I didn’t see a break until late afternoon. Maybe they were sneaking snacks off camera? If not, they should. I totally would. It might improve everyone’s mood a little.


Liar. Liar. Why should we believe a convicted liar?  That’s what they kept saying, adopting the administration’s strategic campaign to discredit someone who has decided to come clean. Why should they believe a liar?  Because they already do every day. And if they don’t believe the thousands and thousands of lies delivered by the man leading their party, they sit quietly as he offers them. This administration’s untruths are widely documented and some are so outrageous they’re laughable, which is fun. I just think that maybe instead of asking that question of a committee as a whole, those committee members should ask that question of themselves. Individually. Why do they believe a liar?

The whole thing just made me even more grateful for Topher Grace. Because I just like the guy, but also because he put out a sweet Star Wars edit that washed the hearing away. Because there’s nothing any of us can do about it anyway.

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A dessert after the hearing, that doesn’t actually play. But the link above does.