No Phone? She SO Crazy.

I did the craziest thing the other day. Totally nuts, by today’s standards at least. Ca-Ray-Zee.

I met a longtime friend, and someone I totally look up to by the way, for a much-needed catch-up. That’s not the crazy thing. That happens all the time, or at least I hope it does. It should.

We talked. We talked so much we almost forgot to order anything, until after about 45 minutes we realized the folks at the restaurant might get pissy if we didn’t choose something off the menu.

Still. Not the crazy thing.

We ate. And talked some more. And paid the bill. And wished each other well with hugs as we left. And we did it all without ever checking our phones.

Totally bananas, right? Crazy, I’d say. Like, Nicholas Cage in the 2000s kind of crazy.

crazy gif

I’m not going to say that checking your phone is bad. I’m not. Because, I do. I check the time, check it if I’m expecting something. Check it to find the name of that one band that played that one song that I know I know but I just can’t remember at that moment. I check it to make sure the kids are cool. Or, I’ll check it to show someone a photo or a link to something that pertains to the real life conversation we’re having at that moment.

But I’m not a “lay it on the table” person. And that, today, seems crazy. My friend and I even discussed it at the restaurant, how we didn’t have our phones out and how phones are now part of the natural landscape of – everywhere.

Test it next time you’re out. Look around a restaurant and see how many people are actually talking to each other – and how many more people are looking down at their phones waiting for their food to arrive.

It’s a crazy sight.