You Never Know Until You Do

Her name sounded familiar, and the album cover looked totally boho, so I clicked it. And without knowing it, I spent the day listening to Lauren Daigle – someone I’ve never heard before.

I didn’t know before I clicked that I’d totally dig it. That, by the second song, I’d catch myself kind of chair dancing with that head-bop thing happening.  That I’d listen to the album twice without realizing it until about halfway through the second go-round. That, later I’d find out she’s a Christian artist – a realm that is WAY off the radar for someone like me.

People are saying this album is appealing to “non-believers.” So, she’s crossing over.

And it made me think about all the things we never experience or we never uncover just because they’re different, or unrecognizable or scary. I know, this comes from a girl who can be picky about food – and I’m working on it.

How so? I scarfed down some beets on purpose recently, and I chose to snack on almonds the other day (which are WAY exotic for a fringe nut-eater).

I don’t know. It’s just a shame what we miss out on – people included here. I also thought today, dealing with a situation at work, that you’ll never know the answer to the question unless you ask it. So, ask it. And I did. And the answer was nowhere near what I thought it might be – which was bad. So, it worked out.

We’ll never know what something tastes like until we try it. We can’t know what something feels like unless we touch it or do it. We won’t know how something makes us feel unless we experience it.

never know
Didn’t know about snorkeling, until I tried it.

With each new adventure to each new place or each new experience, there have been so many times that I want to bottle the feel of it. The smell. The tastes. The sounds. The everything of it – so I could open it in front of someone and show that person the whole thing. So that person could be fully immersed.

But you just can’t. And it’s a good thing. Because you can only experience something if you experience it.

red sand
Didn’t know about this red sand beach in Utah, either, until we camped there.

I know, going all hippie again. I should probably just get back to chair dancing. But I didn’t know what these thoughts would sound like until I wrote them down, so.