We Sold Out. In The Best Way.

There is no denying who we are, especially when you walk into our house. Who we are is everywhere. And every bit of who we are has been earned.

Photos from adventures hang everywhere. The kids have their own adventure wall, documenting their ziplines and dolphin swims and aerial silks and rock climbing excursions.

Medals we’ve earned from races drip down over the couch in the family room, dangling from a custom hook Ron made. The discovery of our Bearfish T-shirt hangs in a custom frame on one wall, and a bandana from the Dominican Republic is stretched across another custom frame over the front door.

sale 3

Our lives are everywhere. And now the things that we dream up, and make, will be going into other homes. Because this idea we had a few months ago is beginning to take its first steps on its own. And we’re super excited.

I know being cagey is annoying. It’s just kind of a moment. So, we’re soaking it up.

We made our first sale! Yeah, we opened an Etsy store, so that our ideas had a place to live. And although Ron has made pieces for us and others already, a sale is a big deal. And with that sale we technically “sold out” of a design – because, we just had one.

But really, each piece is custom. Because the look of steel is fluid. It changes from piece to piece.

And that sale has fueled even more ideas. More designs, ones centered on aspiration and the outdoors. And we can’t wait to make them. And update all the photos.

sale 1
Out. The. Door.

But we’re busy at the moment, labeling and shipping our first sale!!  We’re having a minute.

When we get to making new designs, though, we’ll put them in our shop. And tell everyone about it. Because we’ll be super excited.

As excited as we are about this sale, knowing someone else will have a bit of FarmhouseFlow energy in their home.

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