Pranks? Nah. I’ll Stick With Surprises.

I didn’t see a lot of pranks today, but the one from Zion was pretty great. Whoever runs the Zion National Park Instagram account announced that the park would introduce a zipline from the top of Angel’s Landing to help ease congestion on the famously skinny trail leading to the iconic overlook.

Ha. A zipline. At Zion. Sure.

I’m pretty gullible, but I knew that was a stinker. I’m kind of the worst person to be involved with pranks. In addition to being gullible, I’m not able to deliver pranks all that well. I can’t keep a straight face. My pokerface sucks, which is one of the reasons I’m horrible at poker.

fools 1
The master of the pokerface.

But it’s fun to consider pranks that I could pull on the kids – things that might absolutely paralyze them.

New rules – that’d be fun. Like:

  • No one is allowed to wear leggings anymore. The boys wouldn’t care, but the girls might almost die. Or cry instantly. Or barf. They wouldn’t know what to do. We’d need a caveat that would allow for adults to wear them though, because I’d DIE without them.
  • Every meal must include soy sauce or some other random sauce. Here, the girls would probably rejoice, unless we were serving spaghetti – or they imagined cereal doused in that salty liquid. The boys would not be happy. One might, but the other would probably move out. He’d probably start packing before we even had time to tell him it was a prank.
  • They have to sleep outdoors once a week. CAN YOU IMAGINE THEIR FACES? They totally dig camping, even if it’s only in the backyard. But mandating that it happen once a week would get them scrambling instantly to coordinate nights outside so no one would be alone. Because, everyone knows that would be their last night on Earth – in their overactive imaginations. They’d also campaign for dogs to join them.
  • Everyone needs to take turns feeding the llama. I’d just slip that one in casual like. As they are reeling from all the absurd rules we just introduced – to see if they’re listening.

But, I can’t do a straight face. So, it won’t work. But it’d be fun to try. We pull of surprises all the time. Like this one, one of my favorites. So maybe we’ll just stick with that. Instead of pranks.  I like them excited more than confused or bummed anyway.