Introducing My Brain. Which Never Stops.

Sitting in my car, with the windows down, I could smell it. And the guy was, like, at least 100 yards from me. Cigar smoke. At football practice. For fourth-graders.

The putrid stench permeated the entire area, obviously, since I could smell it and was seated an entire football field away. Could it not wait? Until after practice?

Just kind of wondering who these people are, and who makes these kinds of choices.

thoughts 1
The football boy, who has to practice around icky smoke.

The day the Mueller report came out, it hit me. There were photos of the president everywhere. It was as if you couldn’t escape it, even if you clicked to a story without his face on it.

His face was still there. Somewhere.

And I wondered, does he ever not squint? Even when he’s inside. It doesn’t make him look smarter. Or more powerful, as I’m guessing he thinks that it does.

It just makes him look more like a character. Shifty. Ridiculous.

It’s so perfected, I’m thinking he must do it in front of the mirror, while saying, “I’m not squinting. You are.”

How does the oil industry sleep at night?

I’ve been taking in a lot of talks about climate change, watching Our Planet (which is incredible, by the way) and learning about what many experts are calling the biggest lie in modern times. And it all circles back to the same question.

How in the world do the people who perpetrated that lie, the folks who insisted that climate change was not a real thing let alone not a human-influenced thing, in the name of profits, sleep at night?

thoughts 4
Outside never lies.

It’s unfathomable. If one of my kids tells me they brushed their teeth and they didn’t, I’m on it. Because lying is, I think, the most unsavory trait a human can have.

And that’s just a lie in my house. A lie to an entire society? I don’t know how a conscience survives that.

How often could I wear a bomber jacket like Captain Marvel did? And could I pull it off?

thoughts 3

Is it possible to train your taste buds?  Science said yes. And I’m thinking of giving it a try.


It’s not the most conventional personal training, I’ll admit. But I smell all the glorious flavors that lift from Ron’s IPAs, and I always think I wish I liked them.

They taste bitter to me. Like coffee does. And science tells me that if I expose myself to something bitter for seven days straight, the bitterness will fade. And that once-bitter thing will actually taste good.

Could it be?  Thinking I’ll try it. And then write about it, as I do. Shocker.

thoughts 5
Coming for ya, Ron’s beer.