It’s A Fragile Time For Geeks. Check In On Us.

Every time I see my neighbor’s grandson, we jam. Which is to say, we geek right the heck out. He’s way smarter than me in his fandom of all things Marvel and Star Wars, which is one of the reasons I love to pick his brain and see what he knows.

He’s my informant, in part, because he reads comic books. I have this “tell me everything-don’t tell me everything” push and pull with him. Because, I want to know, but I don’t want to know it all.

Our last session was a doozy, where we dissected a bunch of stories. Because, there’s so much to process ahead of Endgame and Episode IX.

We picked apart trailers at my kitchen table, and eventually held court as eight other kids, some mine, some not, wandered into the family room and into the conversation – which was rife with predictions and theories and hopes about infinity stones and reanimation and time travel.

It was deep. And so so fun.

But, it makes me think that geeks like me are about to experience the biggest nerd-induced hangover we’ve ever lived through later this year. People are going to need to be gentle with us for a bit.

We’re going to need a minute.

trooper 1

I know I will. And I’m not even, like, a level-five fanatic, meaning I only moderately lost my mind during the most recent slate of Avengers movies, and only watched the first Endgame trailer a half-dozen or so times as I tried to pluck clues from it.

I’ve already heard that Endgame inspires “all the emotions” despite avoiding the official reviews. And we need to experience it while risking dehydration so we don’t miss a single, critical minute of this epic finale.

I’m super excited for Episode IX, because I’m digging the vibe from the trailer, but I’m no diehard. Like, I wasn’t offended by The Last Jedi. So that tells you where I am on the Star Wars-logo’d geek ruler. And still, I’m at-once feeling an eager anxiety and a sad lamentation about the end of a storied saga.

I don’t even know what to say about Game of Thrones, because I don’t watch. But I know it’s part of this trifecta. And its end will represent a measurable void for nerds the world over.

So just do all of us geeks a favor. Be kind to us. Don’t make fun of us, no matter what we wear to the movies or how we react to things. Our favorite stories are coming to a close, all at once.

We have to find a way to digest all of it. And find the next thing to obsess over.

trooper 3