The Greeting Card Aisle Trumps Chocolate For Bad Moods

It was one of those moods that I didn’t really even know why I was in. Just kinda stinky. Not peppy. A little off center.

There wasn’t a person or thing that got me there. It was probably just hormones, I’m guessing.

And the greeting card aisle at Target fixed it, instantly. It was the best little rabbit hole I chose to climb in to.

With the help of the kids handing me goofy cards one after another, I had tears coming out the sides of my eyes in no time. I can laugh pretty easy, I’ll admit. But these cards were funny. They were not in the birthday section, because everyone knows those are lame and cheesy.

These were the guys that were set off by themselves, like little misfits, a land you only dare to go to with kids if you’re ready to do some explaining.


It was such a pick-me-up, it was the first time I was happy we had so many people who could buy cards for Ron’s birthday. Usually a card is an after thought, or a missed though altogether.

But this year we had a stack at the checkout. Because these were gold.

Foul moods don’t happen often, but I’m pretty sure that card aisle just knocked chocolate off my list of remedies.