Worms Go Great With Skirts

Knee socks. Sneakers. A varsity shirt. And, a lace-trimmed, twirly skirt. It all seemed like a perfect ensemble for a visit to a worm farm.

If you’re Lulu.

She was headed right into her element. I had already been to the farm a few weeks ago, and Ron wanted to see for himself. And bring the kids.

farm 5

We need the worms for our little farm. And, we want to learn more about the soldier flies and how they make magical protein larvae for chickens to snack on – because chickens are next for us, after we plant.

And what’s even better? That in a skirt the tiniest human got right up in there.

They dug into compost to feel the heat inside. They held freeze-dried larvae, and then held a handful of live ones. And they were right there and ready to feel the full-sized worms wiggle around in their palms.

farm 4

And they had a moment with the chickens. That was everything. It was a nice rehearsal for what’s to come for us. She’s basically counting the days.

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