Hippies Might Step On Steaks. But, That’s Cool.

My brown kukui nut necklace has been part of my wardrobe for years. I can’t even remember how long I’ve had it. Long enough to not remember not having it.

I fell in love with a pair of dreamcatcher earrings earlier this year, and I like to mix tiny braids into the top layer of my hair when the mood hits me – which almost always coincides with when we’re headed out to explore.

So it should surprise no one that my bare foot stepped on a steak as I walked along filling my plate at a Hawaiian luau.

Of course I stepped on a steak someone dropped because of course I was barefoot. The grass just felt too good not to be.

luau 5
Before going shoeless.

There’s something big to be said for those moments when you know your energy is completely in sync with the energy around you. No, pretty much no one else except Ron and the dancers on stage were barefoot besides me. Most folks wore sandals or wedges to go with their floral dresses and Hawaiian-print shirts.

But it seemed so obvious to me that the luau would be experienced best without shoes. My flip flops would only get in the way as I learned to hula, and they’d definitely hinder my hip movements as I unconsciously tried to keep up with the boom-boom-boom-boom of those women on stage.

luau 3
Hip goals.

That’s the sound their hip movements make, by the way. Boom-boom-boom-boom. And they make those sounds fast. So being barefoot helps with your whole stance…and stuff. Whatever.

I didn’t need a real reason to leave my shoes under the table except that it just felt right. The feeling there – with the flowers in the hair and the shell necklaces and the floral dresses – is something I allow myself to feel every day. Not always with flowers and beads and shells – sometimes, sure – but always with the energy.

It just makes life better. For me. To live in that space.

luau 1

Hawaii is a jaunt. It’s a solid escape that takes time to get to. But it shouldn’t always be so far away spiritually. It’s fun and cathartic to be okay with the hippie I am and know I can be her all the time if I want. It doesn’t get an eye roll, except from some non-hippie friends who need me to be less bohemian for a minute to talk finances or process (blah, blah, blah).

I’ll do a brief hiatus if I have to. Fine. But I won’t go too far. Because it feels too good to be me, even if it means stepping on a steak once in a while.

luau 4