Eat Shit, Alabama.

Alabama is why you vote. Missouri, too.

And any other agenda-driven place that tries to restrict women’s rights and strategically marginalize a segment of society. That’s why you vote.

I mean, it’s why I vote.

I use my single voice and my single ballot every four years to try and keep our country from moving backwards, as it is now. As it has been, really.

alabama 3
The day I got to vote with my ballot and a message.

And I predict I’ll be called someone who is pro-abortion for expressing my frustration publicly, but that label is just stupid. It means nothing. It’s about as stupid as the anti-education label I got while advocating to keep a public school open in an area where at least 50 percent of the households qualify for free and reduced lunch.

alabama 2
If it matters, you tell them. Even with a baby on your hip.

No one is anti-education. Just like no one is pro-abortion.

Those are the fun labels people like to use to keep others quiet, to scare them, to intimidate them and to try and control the messaging being used in the conversation.

I am anti-hypocrisy, though. I’m pro-bodily sovereignty. I’m anti-bullshit and pro-personal growth, pro-realism, pro-solution, pro-fixing what’s really broken instead of posturing.

And that’s all this is. It’s posturing. Overt posturing. The lawmakers involved with it readily admit it. This is just a tee-up for a Supreme Court battle – that’s already been had.

It’s entirely orchestrated. And it’s sickening. And the people involved are trying to frame it as something that helps women.

I know elected officials think the voting public is dumb, but that’s a new basement for insults. I’m also pro ALLLLLL of this. This is the hammer hitting the nail on the head.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 4.54.47 PM
One of the smarter community advocates and generally amazing humans I know.

There’s not much I can do about it, either, except continue to vote for people who understand. Continue to pay attention to confirmation hearings – which are a real slog sometimes, but do reveal when imminent Supreme Court justices say that certain issues have already been decided, as the most recent appointee did regarding Roe v. Wade.

And continue to learn. Politics has a way of teaching you about the ugliest side of humanity. But sometimes the ugly mobilizes people. Maybe this repulsiveness will move people away from the polarizing fringes and back towards the center.

That way we might actually be able to talk about things. Like how a woman’s body shouldn’t be legislated.