You Can Be Whatever You That You Want To Be

I caught part of an interview with Howard Stern this morning. I never was a big fan of his, but respected his success and his brand of performance that clearly resonates with a very loyal following.

I wish I could have listened longer, because he surprised me. He started talking about how he’s evolved over the years. How he started to become more self aware, with the help of therapy, and began to realize why he reacts certain ways, and how he functions with and in the world around him.

And, he admitted how he has changed. That he’s not the same person as he used to be.

It gave me even more respect for him, a person who is constantly performing being able to admit to a very vulnerable position. And I wished more people could go there.

We don’t have to be who we’ve always been. We can be whoever we want to be. Or need to be. And by “need,” I mean we are capable of being the people a life situation calls for despite that doubtful inner voice that tries to convince us otherwise.

be 2

I’ve done it. And really, if I can, anyone can. We can be who we want – screw convention. And expectations. And outsider input and judgement that literally means nothing.

We just think it does sometimes.

Let people judge you. That’s on them. Letting go of that fear sets the table for exponentially more happiness. Trust me.

Let people try and pull power on you. If you stand up as who you need to be, it won’t matter. They have nothing on you.

We’re all capable of change. And really, if we’re not changing we’re stagnant. What a drag that is. The view is always the same.

Life’s too pretty to look at the same thing all the time. Change gives you a consistently new view of the world and a new view of yourself.

Because you are moving with it.

be 3