What The Spork?

As campers, and minimalists, we already have a soft spot for sporks. I got my first when I hiked down to Havasupai, and since it was my only utensil, it was love at first bite.

And then my youngest became attached to it. So much so, she kind of jacks it – not only when we’re camping but also when we’re home. Just, like, eating. She’ll forgo a regular fork sometimes just to use the spork.

spork 2
Spork joy. Outside.

Or, her spife. This triple-threat she got as part of a promo pack from a local sports team. I think she likes saying its name as much as she likes using it.

Where’s my spife?

So I’m wondering what Toy Story’s new character in its upcoming film will do to this spork/spife relationship. Yeah – Toy Story 4 is introducing a couple new characters, one of which is a toy the little girl makes out of a plastic spork.

Will Forky make it so that we can never use or get rid of another plastic spork? Because, we’ll always see Forky, and we’ll be so dedicated to this personality? Or, better yet, maybe Forky has some kind of environmental message about single-use plastics?

That would be amazing.

Toy Story knows how to drill right into you, doesn’t it?  I remember watching the first one and having instant, hole-in-my-heart guilt over storing my stuffed animals. How could I?

The same thing happened when Jessie sang her song in Toy Story 2. Right to the gut. And then Andy leaves? Lordy. There’s only so much a human can take.

spork 4
Lulu, needing Buzz, Woody and Jessie. 

That’s why I’m worried about Forky, and I just found out about it. I see a future post-Forky and post-Toy Story and it includes tears and an irrational love for a spork – more irrational than the one we already have.

spork 3
Spork love. By headlamp.