Why Am I Crying Over Our Summer Adventure?

There are so many times I wish I could talk about the summer adventure we have planned. We’ve been talking out it for months between us. And I daydream about it often.

Because I know that it will blow every single one of our little minds.

I don’t talk about travel plans before they happen for a number of reasons, but foremost because historically there have been attempts to thwart them – in the most ridiculous and selfish ways you could (probably not ever) dream of. It’s hard to imagine because most people just don’t work that way.

But it’s getting closer. And I can’t help but think of what is in store for all seven of us. What we’ll see. What we’ll experience. The moments we’ll capture and remember – for, probably, ever.

I think that’s why I got all teary when I was researching it the other day. Ron and I were outside, and I was checking to see what bloggers and guides had to say about the places we’ll be visiting. With every click I got more excited and then more grateful, because this is something we said we wanted to do, and we’re doing it.

And it’s not a quick thing.

I just wish we could talk to the kids about it before we go. So they can get as excited as we are, because I know they will be. It will be some kind of an adventure, one they’ve never come close to experiencing.

And we haven’t, either. So we’re all in this big expedition together, bringing only the things we need and figuring out the rest as we go.

We just have to get through a few more weeks of quiet planning, and stolen moments of sappy-teary joy about what is to come. No sweat. The adventure, as a surprise, will be so worth the wait.