When I Get Mitty

It should come as no surprise that we love the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We love it for a lot of reasons.

The adventure. The message. The helicopter pilot. The music. Sean Penn. The Match.com guy.

And an adjective it has given me: Mitty. As in “I sometimes get all Mitty.”

I attach it to the character’s dreamy state he floats into throughout the movie. When he’s Major Tom-ing his day away, as his bully of a new boss puts it.

And I most often get Mitty over one person. Because I’m still in a state of disbelief over him and us. Probably because I never thought I’d be in the place I’m in.

mitty 2

That place is filled with peace. Not quiet. Because, we have five kids. And they have friends and plans and games they make up and things they need to hash out.

It’s also not quiet because he’s this one person I can’t stop talking to. I say every day that I could stay up all night telling him everything that’s on my brain.

But peace and quiet are not mutually exclusive. I’ll always choose peace. It’s unexplainable how welcome it is. How comforting it is. How foreign it is. And how right it feels every minute.

mitty 3

He is peace. Everything we have and are – it’s all peace. And it’s so sacred. I wish everyone could feel it for themselves.

It’s like a gift, really. I’m thinking it’s from the universe, somehow. And now I’m starting to get all Mitty.

If I were with him while thinking all this, he’d ask me what’s cooking in my brain because I’d be looking at him. And I’d confess I was getting all Mitty.

And that’s fine by me. I’ll Mitty myself forever with him. I can’t imagine life another way.