Cuss Words Are The Shittiest Photo Bombs

I don’t mind swearing. I actually totally embrace it. I always marvel at how clusters of letters are assigned seemingly arbitrary meanings – and then labeled as bad or good.

It just sucks when people (probably teenagers) feel like they need to use those words to leave their mark in a public place. Where kids go.

The jerks who wrote what they did on this installation weren’t thinking about the kids who would read it. They weren’t thinking of anything except their need to gain a few fleeting seconds of celebrity status among their friends.

I guess you learn the concept of “time and place” later in life? Beyond your “I need to gain social points” teenage years.

Because this sucks.

cuss 1
Pretty sure the sucky part is obvious.

It sucks that I can’t get a photo of her writing what she would do “in her wildest dreams” as the public chalkboard asked, because some bonehead had to write something stupid. It also sucks that as I’m writing this I’m realizing I could have just erased it.

That cracks me up.

I guess it’s not always horrible that kids get to witness people behaving badly. They need to see some of those examples of how not to act so they know better when they are in similar situations.

And, they learn to adjust – like how Riley just decided to make her own line, up the side when she couldn’t find any blank ones at her height.

cuss 3
“I would meet a unicorn.” Obviously.

And for the person who really wants to “birth a cat” or “eat beef” or “become Mrs. Styles,” we’re pulling for you. This girl is going to try and “stop global warming” in the meantime.

cuss 2
Nailed it.