Well, We Got Hitched

We got a trailer hitch. And it was really so exciting. Because, we didn’t just get the hitch. We got the trailer that goes with it.

What’s the point in getting hitched without having something to hitch onto it?


Side conversation – “Honestly,” said with disgust, is super our moms, right?

Any way, back to us getting hitched. We did. And now we can pull our adventure wagon behind the ‘ol Dodge. Without that hitch? And with seven people?

We can probably fit an apple in the cargo area. And that’s it. One apple. Una manzana. Sliced.

And that’s not enough manzanas to feed kids who are hungry before we leave the driveway. And the adults who have to listen to their dramatic hunger pangs.

So, this trailer is basically our new, perfectly happy and always helpful girlfriend. She’ll carry anything we need her to, including beers for our buddies. And she will never complain.

She totally saves our ass, because we are going to load her up with tents and sleeping bags and a stove (if we find one), and food and clothes and towels and headlamps. And a child if they’re bad (don’t tell the kids we’re only kidding…they need to believe!)

So yeah, we got hitched.

And we plan to take this trailer on the honeymoon of a lifetime. It has no idea what’s coming this summer. And neither do the kids.