Coming To Grips With A Musical Truth

Some things are hard to say out loud. They take courage, and I’m hoping that’s recognized here. Hard things just kind of make you sweaty and make it difficult to find words.

Deep breath.

I just…

I can’t help it but…

I kinda dig that Jonas Brothers song.

Oh my god, I feel so much better. I’m kind of a sucker for upbeat pop, I guess, no pun intended. It’s not even the words. I know, like five words – that’s it.

“I’m a sucker for you.”

It’s not the whistle, either, although that would normally grab me and take hold – the whistling fan I am.

Maybe it’s the clap. Maybe it’s the backbeat that drops as if it’s going down a flight of stairs – which is what someone might say about my taste in music with this admission – tumbling down the stairs.

Shhh. I know. I KNOW! The Jonas Brothers. Shame, shaaaaame. I still have taste, I promise. I do.

It’s just that maybe the part of my brain that judges music preserved a small corner for tunes I would have liked as a tween. Even though I never did boy bands. Ever. Maybe this is post-dated tween fandom? Is that even a thing?

Oh well. I make up for it with more educated choices, that involve flannel and dirty hair and fringe and board shorts and men wearing thick necklaces, and I don’t need to qualify any of that for anyone.

music 2
Proof of taste.

I just had to get the whole Jonas Brothers thing off my chest before I went to find out why everyone is freaking out over the new Shawn Mendes song.

Send help. And good music.