Yesterday Made Me Dream

Besides leaving the film Yesterday with a whole bunch of Beatles songs dancing in my head, including “Leave it Be” – (inside joke from the film), I also left with a wild daydream.

What if the world forgot other things existed?

The whole film rotates on the idea that some kind of electrical surge wipes all memories of the Beatles for everyone on Earth – as if the band never existed – except for the main character, a struggling musician. He parlays his exclusive memories into skyrocketing stardom, in a super cute, rom-com way.

So it made me think, in this current climate, what if we all forgot some of the same things? Like, I don’t know, what if we all forgot about the Kardashians? And what if we all forgot how to do “the floss?” What if girls forgot to pull their shorts up so high that their butt-cheeks hang out?

Those are just a couple thoughts.

forget 1

What if, by some chance, we all forgot to feel threatened by differences? Like, what if we collectively forgot to wave a double-standard and instead remembered this country was founded by immigrants seeking asylum?

Might help. Don’t know.

What if we forgot to feel like we need things, all the time? What if we forgot about everyone’s pre-determined place in society, based on race or gender or economics, and remembered we are all just human?

What if that?


Yeah, I know, this whole dream is sounding somewhat appropriately like John Lennon. But really. What if?

In the movie, mankind forgets a few other things, too, like cigarettes and Coke. The latter stopped my heart for a bit. No Coke – I’d adjust.

I know we can be better than we are now. And it seems that forgetting may be easier than choosing to change – for most.

What would we look like if we forgot how to hate? What is we forgot about the Real Housewives of (Insert City)? What if we forgot to work 12 hours a day, forgot to litter and consume the only planet we have, forgot to feel the need to leverage power, forgot Big Macs, forgot about fears of social exclusion, and forgot division?

What if, and this is a big one, we all forgot the song “Africa?”


It’s a wild rabbit hole, I know. It can go and go and go. And I’ll probably take a lot of shit for it, especially the bit about Toto, but that’s what daydreams are for, I guess. For dreamy proposals.