Llama Confess Something

Llamas are starting to become a thing for me and I don’t know how to stop it. Or if I want to.

It started small. Just an appreciation for how funny and cute they are, from afar. I also kind of dig that they need two of the same letters back-to-back to spell their name. That’s pretty cool for a word-nerd like me.

Then, came the llama. That’s all I call it. The llama – a brain book that holds all of our ideas. It goes on every road trip, it comes out on the deck with us at night, and right now, it holds all the details of our upcoming adventure that no one knows about except us.

llama 3

It is loved and it is quickly running out of pages. It was purchased in an act of desperation, after climbing up one side of a mountain and accidentally down the other side, only to realize I was late for an interview and failed to bring a notebook. So, I shelled out way more than I’d like at a fancy grocery on the fancy side of town – which is why I really put that book to work for me.

Then came the llama onesie. Oh how I love it. It was part of a new holiday tradition, where we exchange animal onesies and them wear them, instead of fancy clothes, for a holiday meal and a game of kickball. There is nothing not to love about this get-up.

llama 5

Next came the llama fuzzy socks. They’re perfect in every way. Same for the llama knee socks which shows a host of llamas wearing neckties! Business llamas. I’m all in. And the llama I got to hug at goat yoga. It really doesn’t get much better than a llama hug.

llama 2

And then there was today. The llama camp chair, perfect in spirit and timing, as we prepare to hit the road for places that don’t come equipped with chairs. This might be the pinnacle. My heart actually skipped a beat in Wal-Mart, which I can’t say happens, like, ever – unless it’s really late and the outfits on some of the patrons are super questionable. But that’s a different kind of heart attack.

This was – is — just everything. Because I’m that kind of dork, who falls for a certain oddball animal and gets super excited when that animal happens to be on something I need. Like the camp chair, which is getting a test drive in the ol’ family room.

llama 1