So There’s This Guy

There are two screens in our family room. One for the television, which we barely use.

Tonight we used it to watch The Goonies though, one of the all-time best adolescent adventure films ever made. Really. Is there a character better than Chunk? Or Sloth? Or Mikey?

No. There isn’t.

Every one of the kids who wandered by asked if we were watching the movie we were watching, and then each found a snuggly spot on the couch to continue watching it with us.

It’s that good. It interrupts trampoline time, haunted house planning and even dinner for “starving” kids.

It’s a classic.

The screen to the right monitors our home. It captures activity from the front yard, the back, the driveway, the road…it gets it all.

We didn’t always have that. We got it because we needed it, and me and my mom installed it during a tense but hilarious day of mishaps that you’d expect from a couple of chicks who know very little about drill bits and levels. Whatever. They got installed. We did what we had to to keep the house safe, and the hole in the family room is still there to prove it.

fixer upper 3

But tonight it was just a glow. It bled into a moment between Ron and Josie that happens often (moments I’m so grateful for) as part of watching Fixed Upper, a show they share an affinity for.

He had spent the day replacing the window in the bedroom she shares with her younger sister. And the window in her brother’s room is on deck. They will no longer have to curse under their breaths to open the rickety, single-pane POS, 80s leftovers that they’ve had just to get a little fresh air.

fixer upper 2

Now they can open the windows with one hand. And hear the suction as they do. They fancy. For real.

He spent the day working on this. Searching for the right window. Then installing it as we all got haircuts. Without one single complaint. Or guilt trip. Or anything.

He wanted to. And that is everything. And so is he.