Wash Me Free Of Life’s Conveniences

I’m getting real comfy getting through life without life’s comforts. And I know that sounds crazy.

Maybe because I’m only doing it once in a while.

I’ve been to more laundromats in more states over the past month than I have in my entire life. And they’re kinda growing on me.

For our road trip, we packed super light, to conserve space and to practice a little minimalism for our party of seven. We hit laundromats along the way and it wasn’t horrible. It was actually pretty fun.

And now I’m sitting in another laundromat after our washer decided to take its own sabbatical the other night after filling to the brim with water.

And I’m not super mad about it. Is it frustrating? Kinda. But it’s not painful. I’m able to get a little work done, make some phone calls and get everything folded. No bigs.

And everyone is so nice. So so nice. At every laundromat. Really. In every state, from Utah to Montana to Wyoming and back to Arizona…everyone has been so nice.

The guy in AZ worried about all the water dripping from my laundry baskets. The lady in Idaho…was it Idaho? I can’t remember, but she walked me through getting soap and fabric softener because I was clueless.

And the person in Montana….oh, wait. There wasn’t one. That’s why we goofed off in there.

I highly recommend getting a laundromat to yourself. It’s pretty comfortable being without life’s comforts. Even if just for a little bit.