Mr. Grohl, You Make Me Run

I went for a run today. Because, I guess I’m a masochist who isn’t afraid of a little butt sweat (in gray shorts).


The important thing is, I think as I was running I unconsciously tapped into some coping mechanisms. Like, didn’t even have to think about it. Can your brain cope on autopilot?  Or is that just one of the side benefits of training?

It was amazing, either way.

I was deep into the breezeless run, trying to get through this deathly August brutality in Arizona, even though it was early – and I started to visualize what was happening inside my iPod. I know, sounds a bit nutty, but so is a daydream that attempts to transport you from your office cubical to a desert island – or a daydream during a hot run that suddenly puts you in the rain, with a breeze headed downhill.

Daydreams are distractions – and they’re meant to be a little out there, right?

I hadn’t gotten to the “oh this hurts” point of the run, or the “my sweet Jesus I might die in this heat” part – and I never got there today. And I think it’s because of this mental detour I took.

It looked like this.

I am old, and run with an iPod Nano. I know. Judge me. It fits in my hand, so. I like it. I can’t strap stuff on my arm and I only like the waist packs if I have to. They kind of slide all over.

Plus, I need to be able to skip some songs. A lot of songs. I don’t have a “running” playlist, although by now I should. So I was getting, like Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette and Yo-Yo Ma and John Mayer and this one Incubus song that just wasn’t good for running…

So I was skipping, a lot. And as I did, I was imagining that each actual musician was inside the thing I was holding, waiting their chance to see if they’d be the one thing I needed to get through the run.

And I kept skipping. Until Mr. Grohl came on. He had been waiting in the wings for a while, and he very obviously walked in front of Tori and waved his palm at Alanis, letting them know he had what I needed.

“Do you ever think of me? You’re so considerate…”

I’ve very clearly never loved a musician, short of Freddie Mercury, more than this guy. Man, he gets me through anything – even with slow songs. I didn’t get to wonder if all the other artists in my little iPod use the same move Grohl did when I need chill tunes – the palm up to the others — probably not though, BECAUSE THIS IS ALL A VISUALIZATION.

But, I got through the run. That little exercise kept my brain occupied for the better part of a mile, which then got me to the “you’re almost done” part of the run – which is the second to best part – coming in right behind actually finishing.