We Are All Balanced By Dipshits And Doers

I kind of wonder if anyone really ever knows their value. Or does everyone always wonder.

I’m talking about work. Life. At home. Among family and friends. Just, in general. Do we every really fully understand our impact? I’m not sure it’s possible.

We’re this species that is only slightly removed from other mammals, with this cerebral ability to examine ourselves and others in ways other mammals don’t. Or at least that’s what we think.

But with that cognitive-emotional ability comes consequence, right? There comes ego and the full spectrum that entity can live on. There comes self-doubt, damage, narcissism, nature and nurture, and any number of other variables.

So I just don’t think it’s possible to really know or have the ability to feel your true worth. There is too much at play, at both extremes.

There are those who think the world could not continue functioning if not for them. They are wrong, but can’t be told that. Can’t accept it. And so can not feel their true worth because they refuse to see it.


And there are those who believe their contribution, although mighty, is very likely insignificant. Their contributions are right, but they can’t be told that. They’ll brush it off. And so they can not feel their true worth because they won’t allow themselves to see it.

Isn’t it interesting that opposites can be so similar yet totally polarizing in sometimes catastrophic ways?

We need more of the latter and fewer of the former. Is it just a matter of believing? Is it a matter of the people who underestimate their contributions needing to buck up, to feel a little bit of the entitlement that those who don’t deserve it feel? It is that?

It’s just a dive into the way we all work, that’s all. How people who have no reason to feel intimidated by another human are. How certain people believe they have all the answers and that all their wildly-wrong answers are always right. How some people go through life without ever knowing how profoundly they have impacted another person. Or people.

That’s how we function, though. We are a survival of the fittest culture, just like every other mammal, but it’s on a more social level than physical one. Most times. For most people’s day to day.

Those differences make things go. It’s likely how advocates are inspired and how reality TV gets ratings. It’s at-once sad and promising – somehow hopeful. It’s a reminder, for every jackass there’s someone just doing the right thing and not even knowing it.