Bye, Another Notebook. Love You.

I’ve reached the end of another notebook. And I always find myself wishing for one more page. I write smaller at the end, use every line, even use that back, cardboard flap that isn’t meant for using.

It’s just meant for protecting.

And then I keep the totally full book. For what? Not sure. I guess I keep it because I might need one of those brain moments at some point in the near future. I mean, I am hard-pressed on most days to remember what I had for dinner the night before.

Like right now. Can’t remember.

But there are all these other little moments in my notebooks, too. It’s my everything book – keeps track of what I have to do, what I’ve gotten done, what I want to do. All that stuff.

notebook gif
Me, to my full notebook.

It also has pages of practice signatures from my daughter. Notes from my son, using the paper to communicate with me as I shoo him away while I finish a call.

“Can I have a snack?”

And it has pages of messages from Ron. He sneaks them in, seeing a To-Do list I have for the next day and adding something else to it. Notes to remind me that I did a “great job kicking ass today.”

And, my favorite.

“I love you. SO MUCH.”

That’s why it’s hard to part with a notebook. Because these books hold everything. This one has all those notes, along with a stain from a Coke I spilled on it, interviews I’ve done with people, grocery lists and big ideas I had to scribble down at that moment.

So I’ll keep it. And I might not look at it ever again. But if I need to, I’ll have it.

If Ryan Gosling were an actual notebook.