Check That Thing Off Your Mental List

We make lists all the time. Every day, probably.

For the grocery. For things we need to fix. Things we need to buy. Errands we need to run and all the dumb things we need to clean.

And we feel so accomplished when we get to the point where we can cross items off. Because it’s one less thing we feel we need to do.

We can move forward.

Spit cold water on kid. Check.

Wonder if we can do the same with things that are not tangible. Things that we only think. Things that occupy space in our heads and take up our valuable mental time.

Can we make mental to-do lists, allow ourselves time to think about each item, be they stressful or scary or exciting or painful…and then check them off the list?

Could that work?

I think I’ll try. Just to see if it could be a viable mental exercise to manage all the things we think about and don’t get to cross off on paper.

Because, who writes that stuff down?

“Think about stressful situation. Check.”

No one, right? We all just walk around with it. But what if we were able to put the thing, whatever it is, on a mental list, give it some brain time, and check it off?

Don’t know until I try.