Things I Thought About At Dave Matthews

He likes Peter Gabriel and Steve Miller.
He thinks slow songs need to be over real quick. Doesn’t he know we love his slow songs?

Tim Reynolds can move his fingers so so so so so fast.

Beers are expensive.

And they should have refills.

It smells dank. Like real dank.
Dave doesn’t wear out. Ever.
His voice is literally the best.
How he dances is everything.

Now it smells like minty pot. Or something.

Omg. That lady is really gone. Like really gone.

No one doesn’t love this man.

I have never seen one band more.
Damn. He starts on time. And plays good stuff.

He’s been our friend our whole lives.

There is a lot of guided walking, early, here.
No one can get enough. They all wait around for the encore to the encore.

Fanny packs are awesome.

You will not “see your friend” in the lawn seats. Just, won’t happen.


How did I buy my ticket last time I saw him? Like, on the phone? Or at the box office?

Drunk people talk closer to your face.