Yeah. The Mayor’s My Kid.

My oldest had talked about BizTown non-stop. She loved every minute of her experience two years ago, and was beyond excited when her younger brother had to prepare for his turn.

She’s always loved adult-life simulations, though. Her Barbie games needed to be realistic. Like real realistic. If her furniture didn’t look like what she knew certain pieces to look like, she’d make her own. And every interaction was modeled after something she’d seen in life.

And, she loved our local children’s museum, which had a grocery store section that allowed the kids to shop with carts and check out, which meant a kid needed to be the “payer,” which is what my little maniacs called the cashier when their voices were tiny.

biz 3
The mayor delivers his opening remarks before business began.

So BizTown, hosted by Junior Achievement, would be something she loved. It’s like a real-life game of Monopoly – a mini town that needs CFOs to run payroll and cut checks, CEOs to hold staff meetings and marketing directors to promote a business with TV ads, promo giveaways and radio spots.

biz 4
When he told the show host that he’d like to “do something” as mayor.

The town has a municipal government, a bank, a few restaurants, an airline and a goodwill. Oh, and it has a pest control company – which, obviously, every business needs. It even has insurance, and the kids who work those jobs have to size up each business based on the number of employees and the potential capacity for customers.

biz 1
Flying somewhere fantastic. 

Volunteering at Chick-Fil-A was super fun. And watching the kids was this hilarious balance of wanting to tell them how to do things and trying to allow them to figure it all out on their own. And most times they could.  Except the checkbook thing. I mean, really? Who does that anymore?

Do people still balance checkbooks? Like people other than my dad?  I don’t know.

Just saying I see now why my oldest was so excited for her brother. And it wasn’t just because he was mayor of BizTown. It was because he got to be a grown-up for a day, fly somewhere cool (I heard the airline went to Bali) and give a town hall address.

In shades. What’s cooler?