Do The Thing You’re Scared To Do

I can say that because I’ve done it. A few times. And every time it was worth it.

It’s really easy to say things. To give advice that you never have to follow.

But when you actually walk the talk, there is so much more legitimacy to you and the thoughts you’re sharing.

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That’s why you should do the scary thing. For a few reasons, the least of which is proving to yourself that you can.

If you fear it, it’s likely because you are scared you will fail at it. And everyone knows failure is subjective. Your success should be measured on whether or not you do the actual thing. The outcome is inconsequential.

So that’s one excuse down the drain.


If you fear it, you might need to do it simply to take the fear out of it. To show yourself that the scary thing actually isn’t …at all.

Doing the scary thing takes the power away from it. If it’s flying, opening that one email, tackling debt, managing tight spaces or giving a speech.

Do any of those. Or all of them. Or any of your scary things or any of everyone else’s scary things.

And you’ll find out those scary things should be scared of you.