The 50 Percent Question

This thought hit me the other day as I kind of mulled over the reports and events related to the climate summit, the drama surrounding national politics, our society’s problems in general, just life – I guess.

What if 50 percent of us were 50 percent more conscious?

It’s a hard thing to imagine. We’re buried in phones, buried in binge watching, buried in manipulative tweets. By every standard measure, 50 percent is a failing grade. But I would argue that if 50 percent of mankind became 50 percent more conscious about their actions, their priorities, their impact…

I mean, damn.

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 1.26.35 PM

What if 50 percent of us pushed ourselves to achieve 50 percent more than we were? What kinds of innovations and discoveries would be found? What if 50 percent of us stopped relying on somebody else to do the work?

It’s a big thought. It’s a dreamy one, too. I know. But isn’t it a curious one?

Everyone has more than they’re using. More kindness. More empathy. More curiosity. More desire. More drive, more critical thinking, more passion, more courage, more invention.

We do. Every one of us.

What if 50 percent of us decided to forgo Netflix 50 percent of the time? What if 50 percent of us talked with others 50 percent more? What if 50 percent of us trained ourselves to think critically 50 percent longer than we do now?

What would come from that? What if consciousness was a commitment instead of a chore?

I’m not saying don’t check out. I do. We need it. But can we check out less? And can we do it in ways that – at least sometimes – fuel increased consciousness? Can downtime cycle into uptime, pushing us closer to answers, clarity, truths, wisdom, betterment?

50 1

We can. So, yes. I’m answering my own questions. So why don’t we? There are so many reasons, I know. And I’d rather not bog this down with what distracts and attracts so many of us.

I just know we can do more. And what if only half of us did half as much more? What would that day look like? Better. It would look so much better. I know that much.