Have You Ever?

You ever scrub your shower for a solid 20 minutes for it to look, like, two-percent better than when you started?

Ever wonder how you’ll do your 50s when you can’t remember parts of your 40s? And you’re in your 40s.

Ever finally realize your kid doesn’t do enough chores when she asks how to turn the vacuum on?

Ever wear your only hat that says “shit” on it to pick up your daughter from the camp she was invited to at her friend’s church?


Ever forget to set a timer? Every time?

Ever stare at your kids and wonder who allowed them to get so big?

He’s somehow a big kid and a little kid. At the same time.

Ever laugh so hard and so real you hope you never forget the moment? But you can’t seem to remember the exact details now.

Might have been a reason…

Ever dream up a handbag in your head, knowing it doesn’t yet exist, start to tell a friend and have her finish your explanation verbatim from your brain?

Ever cry a little after selling your baby girl’s totally rad bike to a new family?

The boots that stab you right in the heart.

Ever fall asleep on your deck, under the stars, next to the best person who ever entered your life?

Ever just need the Indigo Girls for a bit?

Ever take some time to explore a passion and challenge yourself only to surprise the shit out of yourself by discovering new muscles you never knew you had?

Ever try to walk two bikes out of a store at the same time, and fail, after insisting to the clerk you’d be “fine?”

Ever wonder how your kids know things you didn’t think they knew while also forgetting how you learned things your parents didn’t think you knew?

peace 2

Ever have a moment where you realize your kids are living a moment — a scene — almost exactly, that you did as a kid?

Ever feel weak in the knees, about a person?


Ever feel just at peace?

Yeah. Me, too.