Agreeing With Taylor Swift

I never thought it would happen. I listen to her music when it pops on the radio or cycles through the playlist.

Most times I skip it, to be honest. It’s more for the kids. Except, Mean. That one I know every word.

It’s a vintage song for her, if there ever was one, and I love every word of it.

I think I even did it for karaoke once? Think so.

But I just don’t really pay attention to her lifestyle. Not at all. I don’t know who she’s dating or what she’s wearing or if she said something stupid at some awards show. Although, I’m not sure she has, yet.

So it surprised me when I found myself nodding in affirmation to her interview on CBS Sunday Morning a few weeks ago.

She was discussing how someone had wronged her, a producer or someone who bought the rights to her music, and then she dropped her personal philosophy that I happen to agree with.

You can move forward without forgiving.

That’s not word for word because I didn’t write it down right as she said it. I just heard it. And felt it.

And realized I was agreeing with Taylor Swift.

Not sure what it meant, this agreement. But I knew it felt good to have at least one person agree with me on this. Outwardly.

Forgiveness, to me, is earned. It’s not something that is given freely. It’s not something I owe anyone.

No matter the transgression. And it doesn’t make me a bad person.

I get to choose if it’s something I want to give. And it won’t ever hold me back if I don’t feel it’s due.