Analysis: The Hoodie Phase.

He has three.

One in red. One in a dark gray, kinda black-ish color. And one in a bright blue. And every day he’s in one of them, his thumb popping through an opening in the sleeve designed specifically for it.

He’s in his hoodie phase, an actual season of adolescence…as I’m declaring. 

At first glance, it seems odd. Especially for kids who live in a desert, where actual winter is an abbreviated set of two or three days where space heaters might be required to avoid goosebumps.

Otherwise, winter is, like, 70 degrees. And sunny.

Gorgeous day for a hoodie.

Yet, I’ve seen kid after kid go through their own hoodie phase at about the same age. My oldest did. Two girls on our block did.

On paper, it makes sense. Especially for girls. There’s a big focus, suddenly, on bodies that are quickly looking very different than the ones that were around them a few months earlier. Their own is even becoming foreign. 

So I see why the big, baggy hoodie is attractive. It covers everything up. It matches everything. It allows for layering. For boys – and girls I suppose – hoodies basically match everything. No matter what color or pattern. They get a pass and just go with any damn thing.

And for this one boy, the one who’s in his hoodie phase right this minute, it’s somewhat of a hairstyler. The actual hood. Because, his hair is growing – into heartbreaking curls, sure – but it has a mind of its own after being slept on all night.

Keepin’ the curls under lock.

The hood contains the ever expanding, bouncing blonde topper to an incredibly active human, who is quickly learning how to flip his curls away or swipe them to the side so he can see. 

And, the hoodie helps keep it all in place. Even if it is 80 degrees outside.