I’m Lisa. A perfectly imperfect human who writes and mothers and adventures and runs and loves and lives.

I’m pursuing kairos, this amazing concept me and Ron (the absolute love of my life) embrace. It begs us to seek out those fleeting, exclusive moments of time that grab hold of your soul.

Life is filled with them. They come and go so quickly, even when they linger. And we are acutely aware that those precise moments pass. We might not get them again. We might, but we might not. And if they come around again, they won’t be the same.

Because, we won’t be the same. The time will be different. The place will have changed. Circumstances will be different. Everything will be different than it is in that exact moment, in that exact spot, with us being exactly who we are at that time.

That’s kairos, defined so dang eloquently as:

The perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words or movement.

It’s this intangible, holy grail-like thing that comes with a sense of urgency. And, it absolutely hits the nail on the head. I believe I’m in a fleeting rightness of time right now, one I plan to capture with words.

Me. And Ron. Us.

I have a lot to write about. From our commitment to Raising Outdoor Kids to the awakenings and empowerment I experience as a survivor of domestic abuse to the random moments that unravel every day to the insanely fun and challenging adventures I take with Ron and the five children we have between us.

In all of it, I’m looking for that moment. That tipping point. The moment we decide to jump or climb or just do. Because kairos is buried in those moments, those tipping points.

And then I’ll write about it. All of it. Everything. Every day — which is why there’s a heading called “The Daily.”

We have decided to let curiosity call the shots, so that we get the opportunity to breathe new air. Not fresh, new.

To us, kairos somehow seems like some kind of weightless anchor that has the ability to bring us back to center, to remind us of our position in the universe, to inspire us to inhale every possibility.

To really taste life.

Wanna connect? Find me at lisawritesaboutit@gmail.com or on Instagram at @lisawritesaboutit.

horseshoe lisa


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